There is a constantly evolving and expanding market for software development where new apps and programs are occasionally created. With their highly functional and dynamic apps, Android and iOS rule the app development market in today's tech-driven world.

Applications are widely used by professionals and businesses today for various tasks, including team management, boosting sales, promoting goods and services, and much more.

App development is, therefore, quite popular. However, have you ever wondered how the daily apps you use are created? Who designed these popular systems, and what is their structure? As a result, businesses now hire Android app developers teams to complete this task.

But how can you hire an Android developer dedicated to your project?

Essential skills for Android developers

Mobile app development needs a particular set of abilities and expertise. Android app developers need to understand the requirements of the business and possess technological knowledge to create an app that generates revenue by achieving particular business objectives. The following is a summary of critical skills to consider when hiring Android developers for your app project:

  • Familiarity with programming languages
  1. The developers should understand the syntax and fundamentals of the Java and Kotlin programming languages, as well as frameworks, multithreading and concurrency, functional programming, and generics. Experience with Android Studio
  2. Various Android SDKs are supported by the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Android Studio.
  • Practical expertise in databases
  1. App developers select Firebase to store data in the cloud and enable cross-platform access. Therefore, programmers must be familiar with SQLite databases.
  2. Understanding of SDLC and business procedures

    Developers need to understand the reason behind their business choices. With their help in defining essential features and the development process, they will be able to create a mobile app solution that satisfies all corporate needs.
  • Experience of APIs

Applications are connected to other apps and services through APIs. The programmers may let customers find local businesses, identify you using Google APIs, or use a map within your app.

Which technology stack is best for an Android application?

Creating a suitable mobile technology stack is an essential part of the strategy. Furthermore, there might be much debate regarding whether strategy, technology, or framework is appropriate for a certain project when it comes to Android app development.

Before choosing which tech stack to use for developing Android apps, you need to know what features are available and coming soon. You also need to decide if you need a native or cross-platform software solution. Your choice of programming language will only sometimes impact the price of your Android app. Thus, the app's complexity, number of features, and design will mainly influence its cost.

To start your search, you need to decide what skills and expertise your Android developers should possess. Then, you must submit a detailed task description to find the best developers for your project.

In short, the tech stack consists of several technologies, details, and specifications. The correct combination of requirements and tools makes creating an excellent Android mobile application possible. Selecting the appropriate IT stack is a challenge for most business owners. This is a summary of the development processes you should think about before starting your app development project:

Consider your needs and requirements for your business

Look at hardware access, data utilization, and application type (native, cross-platform, or hybrid). You may limit your app's language and framework possibilities by considering the following considerations. Decide on a revenue strategy and outline your app's primary objective.

For instance, if you sell subscription plans, you should ensure that your functionality and design match. On the other hand, if advertising is your main revenue stream, you should focus on the app's performance.

Choose the kind of collaboration

You have many possibilities when creating your mobile application. You have three options for hiring app developers: in-house, freelancing, and outsourcing.You can select as per your business requirements.

Consider app security

If your app needs access to personal data, make it impenetrable by taking care of all security issues.

Provide compatibility and integration details

Before beginning the app development process, think about what third-party integration you could need. Your choice of tech stack may also be impacted by the requirement to interface your app with an already-existing website or backend system.

Java for Android applications development

Java has existed for some time. It was initially made available in the market in May 1995 and is still in use today by the development community. The Java Runtime Environment, the Java Development Kit, and the Integrated Development Environment are all the most important parts which are included in the Android app development.

The most utilized programming language for developing enterprise apps is now Java, leaving behind the C++. It is frequently used in designing big data technologies such as Hadoop and Apache Storm, as well as web and government applications.

Kotlin for Android app development

Although Kotlin's initial version was made available in 2011, its formal launch occurred more than five years later. For Android app development, Kotlin is a definite rival to Java. However, Python, Swift, and JS developers also utilize it. Large companies tend to hire Kotlin engineers. Kotlin is used to create popular apps like Evernote, Pinterest, Uber, and others.

How can I find and hire Android developers?

Only some have the technical ability to create, assemble, and debug Android apps. You'll need to work with a professional developer to accomplish this. Finding and hiring developers may be a real problem for business owners. Here's how to find the best Android app developers for your project, step-by-step:

Step 1: Write a technical project description.

Gather every task and requirement for the company into a single file. As you look for app developers, you can easily share the file with them.

Step 2: Select the most suitable model.

There are several ways to develop your app. Hiring an in-house team, freelancers, or a third-party app development company are your three best ways for hiring app developers. Hiring in-house developers is the most expensive method and also it is convenient. Due to this, the great majority of business owners decide to offshore. Outsourcing allows you to build your app more quickly and cheaply while having access to a larger developer community.

Step 3: Conduct technical interviews.

To choose your developer or outsourcing partners more carefully, you should perform technical interviews and review portfolios and assessments. Testimonials from past clients are the best way to select a possible outsourcing partner.

Step 4: Confirm the agreement and attach your contract.

Talk about every facet of your app development project, set deadlines, decide on the time and schedule of your weekly or daily meetings, and ask for initial project estimates. Remember to discuss security risks and sign NDAs.


You now know how to hire Android developers to create a custom Android application!

At BOSC Tech Labs, we combine cutting-edge concepts and technology to create excellent software solutions right from the start. Do you have any more queries concerning the creation of Android apps? Get in touch with us, and we'll go above and beyond to assist you in creating an app solution from the ground up for your company.

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